From people to people

We connect local producers around the globe with customers in Europe


We are a trustworthy procurement partner for tailor-made, plant-based food products from all over the world. Our worldwide network includes a large number of organic and sustainable producing partners. We connect producers in the origin with behaviour-conscious customers in Europe. Long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency enable us to do business sustainably and achieve a positive impact.

We live our values internally and externally. They are a core element of our corporate culture and our collaboration with our partners and customers. We see ourselves as bridge builders, connecting our producers in the origin and our customers in Europe. Our suppliers are more than just suppliers. They are our partners and we meet on an equal footing. The collaboration is characterized by mutual respect, fairness and transparency. Together we work on the distribution of their products in Europe and support them in their sustainable development. We invest together and develop together.

We respect the environment and all our stakeholders.
We combine expertise with empathy.
Our customer know our producers and vice versa. We ensure transparency along the value chain.
We source our raw materials directly from the producers and keep our supply chain as short as possible.
We focus on long-term partnerships and think in terms of decades.
We treat our partners as equals and work together to find best solutions. We support our partners, even in difficult situations and share risks.

«Values do not arise and do not consist of words. Values are created and become constant through actions.»

Remo Hansen
Chairman of the board at yourharvest AG


We have been committed to sustainability for decades. It all began in the early 1990s and is still in full swing today:

  • Development of organic projects
  • Introduction of new standards
  • Establishment of Fairtrade value chains
  • Launch of our commitment to sustainable hazelnuts from Turkey
  • Development of a comprehensive sustainability strategy with clearly defined objectives in 12 areas for action.
  • Development of innovative sustainability projects within our value chains in the South.