we have been dedicated to sustainability for decades

As organic and fair trade specialists, we have been living sustainability for decades. In the early 1990s, we began to set up organic projects all over the world and continue to support them intensively to this day. This has resulted in longstanding, close partnerships on equal footing and fair and respectful cooperation. Sustainability is not a state of affairs, but a process which we continouly develop together with our partners. Together, hand in hand. This cooperation is reflected in the fair trade value chains we have built up. This is also the case with Happy Hazelnut, our commitment to sustainable hazelnuts from Turkey.

To make a significant contribution to sustainable development across our whole global value chains, we have a systematic sustainability management system in place. Our sustainability strategy is focussing on following areas: corporate responsibility, sustainable procurement, product range & marketing and climate. As a procurement partner, we focus on sustainable procurement of raw materials. This is where we see the greatest relevance for our business activities and where we as a business have the most impact for sustainable change. Learn more about our commitment!​

«We need to understand sustainability as an integral part of the company and integrate sustainability into our daily activities. In doing so, we can ensure that we recognise the social, ecological, and economic challenges along our supply chains and work jointly with our partners on sustainable solutions.»

Head of sustainability at yourharvest

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